How to Rename a Session / Missing Sessions.


Note: .Session Files and Folders MUST match, if not this can result in missing files. Changing the .session file name or the session folder name outside of the TriCaster interface via Windows will result in the sessions not showing up or being accessible within the Tricaster’s interface despite appearing in Windows. This guide is meant to explain how to safely change or rename .sessions/session folder names and how to make possible ‘missing’ sessions accessible within the TriCaster. 


You should only change a .Session file or a Session Folder name within the TriCaster Interface. Changing it in Windows will not register within the TriCaster’s interface and result in missing files that cannot be opened.


If you need to rename a session, please right-click on the desired session to access the renaming option. This will also allow you to bring up the Delete option. Renaming the session will automatically rename the Folder as well. It will reflect the change within the directory after closing and reopening the Sessions Folder. 

Missing Sessions Files

If you find that you are not able to find a session or you suspect that a file or folder has been renamed through the Windows interface, there are two ways to possibly fix this issue depending on what has happened.

In the case that the name of a Folder has been changed, all you need to do is find the original .Session File name and rename the folder back to the name. Once the name is changed, The session should reappear within the TriCaster's interface. 


Another method would be to find the file known as LastKnownGoodSession and copy it. Once you rename the copied file to match the name of the Folder, it should allow you to have a new accessible session. 

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