Submitting TriCaster Logs for Review

When NewTek Customer Support assists on troubleshooting an issue, they might ask you to provide the session log files for review. These files are generated every time you open a session. Often these files can help support getting a better insight of the problem in question.

Support would need the log files from the session where you are experiencing issues, along with the approximate time of when the incident occurred.

The log files are located at D:\Sessions\Session name\Logs and the files are named "LastRun".


As mentioned before, support would need to know the time of the incident. Each log file contains timestamps, these are continuously written when a session is opened and when buttons are pressed, and actions are taken inside a session. The time corresponds to the clock with the session.


In cases where you are experiencing issues that are not specific to one session, but also occurs in newly created sessions, there are a few simple steps, you can take, to help support before submitting these files.

1) - Create a new session

2) - Within that session, only perform the actions it takes, for the issue to occur again

3) - Note and write down the timestamp within that session, located in the top right corner

4) - Immediately exit the session again and exit into Windows to locate the session log folder

5) - After these steps, upload the log files and timestamp to your support ticket

By performing these steps, you limited the length of the log file itself. This helps filter out any log entries that are not related to the issue. This can often help speed up the review of the logs.

Current as of 12/01/2022


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