VS4000 mix minus audio routing

While trying to get audio from a TriCaster into the VS4000 unit it is preferable to create a mix minus audio mix so that each caller can hear each other but not themselves in their headphones or speakers.

This can be done via the audio routing tables.

In order to do this it is recommended that you set output 2 audio to follow an aux channel and in this example we will set output 2 to aux 1.  Also in this example on the TriCaster we will assume that inputs 1-4 in the audio mixer are set to the VS4000 outputs 1-4 respectively. 

Now for each individual audio source coming into the TriCaster you will need to route them as pictured in the routing tab for each audio source.

On the VS4000 in this example we have each input set to Output 2 which we have set to follow Aux 1 on the TriCaster side as noted above.

In the return to caller tab you'll mute every channel except for the input number being used as depicted below.

This routing table will allow for each caller to hear each other but not themselves in their return audio.

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    Dan Hodlick

    How does this setup allow the callers to also hear tape playbacks, in-studio mics, etc?

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