The word “monitor” comes from the Latin “monēre”, meaning ‘to warn’. The word has taken on additional meaning since Roman times. As a verb, “to monitor” entails ‘keeping an eye’ on something, and ‘checking continually’, as when monitoring a process. As a noun, we understand it to mean devices that permit one to do just that. 3Play’s ample monitoring features are described in this chapter.



Fittingly, NewTek 3Play provides monitoring features that are just what you need to prepare and control video replays in your productions.


Note: A number of important controls and features are located in the monitoring section for convenience. Among others, these include the Source Connection Type, Proc Amp, Genlock, and Audio controls. To give these features their due, they were treated individually in Chapter 7, which is entitled I/O Configuration. Likewise, transitions, text, tags and search tools are dealt with elsewhere in this guide.

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