Program Transitions


(Figure 15)

We mentioned Transitions earlier (under Monitoring),but 3Play’s powerful transition system merits a heading of its own.

(Figure 16)

3Play output can employ spectacular high-end transitions, including Animation Store effects that include full color embedded overlays, in several ways.

PLAY LIST compositions, such as highlight reels, support transitions between clips, each with adjustable timing and even accompanying transitional audio effects. Unlike many replay systems, 3Play does not tie up two different outputs to do this.

Further, 3Play even supports a ‘program-preview’, or ‘video switcher’ style workflow. The latter approach allows you use 3Play’s powerful effects system to transition between the sources displayed on Outputs A and B (see Chapter 14, Transitions).

In this (program-preview) scenario, Channel B stands in for the traditional program output, while Channel A serves as preview. This enables some unique production possibilities – such as an Auto between two PLAY LIST compositions during playback – something often only possible when system architecture includes a downstream switcher.

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