Setting up

This chapter explains how to properly connect power, external control devices, monitors and audio visual sources to your NewTek 3Play™ system.

It also reviews registration for warranty purposes and technical support. After completing this short section, you’ll be all set to continue into the Walkthrough chapter that follows it.

To begin, let’s review ‘what came in the box’:

  • 3Play™ and *Control Surface
  • (3Play Mini’s control surface is ‘virtual’; it can be accessed from a web browser on any suitable networked device, such as an iPad or laptop.)
  • Storage Media
  • 3Play 4800 – Package of four 2TB hard drives
  • 3Play 440 – Package of two 3TB hard drives
  • 3Play Mini – internal drives (830GB and 930GB volumes)
  • A/C power cable(s) and 6’ USB cable (external PSU with cable for 3Play Mini)
  • NewTek mouse and keyboard
  • 3Play Quick Start Guide
  • Registration reminder card
  • BNC removal tool (not supplied with 3Play Mini)
  • Keys to front panel of rack mount case (2)
  • Attachable rubber feet for desktop use (4)
  • NewTek TriCaster™ brochure and 3Play Welcome letter


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