Activating & Authorizing Windows™

Note: This operation may have been performed for you as part of pre-delivery preparation

When you see the ‘Welcome to Windows’ screen:

  1. Click Next at lower right.
  2. Choose your time zone.
  3. Accept the license agreement.
  4. Enter your 25-digit key (from the sticker inside 3Play’s left front door).
  5. Decline automatic updates (by clicking “not right now”).
  6. Give 3Play a distinct computer name for networking.

You can authorize your Windows installation by network or by telephone. Assuming you have an Internet connection available, and have connected 3Play to it with an Ethernet cable, the Internet is the fastest method of activation. (See Section 3.11 for more on network connections.)

  1. Click ‘Obtain IP and DNS automatically’.
  2. Agree to activate Windows. This activation is permanent, and you won’t see these

screens again. (Registration with Microsoft is optional).

  1. Assign a name to the administrator account. You may type your name, company, or

perhaps simply “3Play”.

  1. Click Finish, and the system will re-start.

After restarting and accepting NewTek’s User Agreement, the interface will load automatically.

Tip: This might be a great time to review the matter of creating a custom backup drive. See

Section B.5.6 for instructions.


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