3Play Registration

On launch, 3Play will display an End User License Agreement dialog. If you accept this agreement, the Registration dialog shown in Figure 19 provides the unique Product ID you need to register your system.

If necessary, enter the unique Serial Number and Product ID for your system. Note that 3Play’s video output will show a watermark until the system is registered and unlocked using the registration code.

Tip: Serial number stickers are affixed to the system chassis. (For example, look inside the left front door of 3Play 440, and the drop-down front panel of 3Play 4800.) For a previously registered system, you can also obtain it from the registration webpage mentioned in the next section. If you cannot locate the serial number, call NewTek’s Customer Support Desk (open seven days a week).

(Figure 19)

You can register and obtain your registration code either by chat, or online (directly from 3Play or from another system connected to the Internet) as described next.

-Excluding 3P1


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