Online Registration

If you have connected your 3Play to the Internet, simply click the button under Step 3 in the registration dialog. This will take you to the Registration webpage ( in the Customer Care section of NewTek’s website. There you will find further directions.

Tip: More information on connecting to a network can be found in Section 3.11.

Otherwise, you can visit the registration webpage from another system that does have Internet access. In either case, after registering on the website, transfer the resulting registration code into the field provided at Step 4 of the dialog.

Tip: It’s a very good idea to record the login name and password you choose when creating your website profile and keep them in a safe place. We recommend that you also jot down the Registration Code, too. This could come in very handy if you ever need to restore the 3Play software to its as-shipped state when you don’t have convenient access to the Internet.


For more information please download the entire document at

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