Text, Tags and More

(Figure 17)

A Tags bar is situated at the bottom of the Replay Desktop (Figure 17). Dragging this divider bar upward reveals tabbed panes containing rows of numbered cells. Text ‘tags’ (e.g., player names, notable play types, adjectives, etc.) entered into these cells can be quickly inserted into Memo fields for selected clips, and can even be used as Search criteria.

(Figure 18)

The Tags module inserts its output into the easily legible Text Box, discussed earlier (Figure 9), just like other textual input. (All text input is displayed in this box, whether it originates from the number pad on the Control Surface, or from the keyboard.)

Tip: When the TAG button on the Control Surface is lit, number pad entries are automatically translated to the corresponding tag entries. For example, in Figure 18, the Tags pane lists player names. Typing “01” on the pad sends “Jones” to the Text Box. Pressing Enter then pushes this entry into the Memo field for the selected clip(s).

SECTION 2.6.11

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