Command and Control

  1. Connect an external computer monitor to the Interface port on 3Play’s backplate (use an adapter if necessary).
  2. Connect the mouse and keyboard to USB ports on 3Play.
  3. Connect the A/C power cord(s) from the three-prong connection(s) on 3Play’s backplate to an external power receptacle (see Tip below).
  4. Turn on the computer monitor.
  5. Press the Power switch located on 3Play’s faceplate.

At this point, the blue Power LED will illuminate, and the adjacent hard drive activity light should flicker as the device boots up. (If this does not happen, check your connections and retry).

Though not a requirement, we do strongly recommend that you connect 3Play using an uninterruptable power supply (UPS), as for any ‘mission critical’ system. Likewise, consider A/C “power conditioning”, especially in situations where local power is unreliable or ‘noisy’.

Surge protection is especially important in some locales. Power conditioners can reduce wear on 3Play’s power supplies and other electronics, and provide a further measure of protection from surges, spikes, lightning and high voltage.

Note: The user interface requires a minimum screen resolution of 1600 x 1050.

A word about UPS devices:

‘Modified sine wave’ UPS devices are popular due to low manufacturing costs. However, such units should generally be viewed as being of low quality and possibly inadequate to fully protect the system from abnormal power events.

For a modest added cost, you can obtain a "pure sine wave" UPS. These units can be relied on to supply very clean power, eliminating potential problems, and we highly recommend them for use in environments where reliability is absolutely critical.


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