SD Analog Configuration

For standard definition monitoring, however, several types of analog connections are currently in popular use. These include Composite, Y/C (also known as S-Video) and – at the upper end of the analog quality range – Component. To connect an analog standard definition monitor for use in live production, you must specify the connection type in the Output Configuration panel.

(Figure 26)

  1. Move your mouse pointer over the Output Configuration button, identified by gear icons as shown in Figure 26, located at right just below each output monitor (A or B). Click here to open Output Configuration.

The tabs in this panel are labeled Output A, B, Aux/Multiview, and Genlock. The Output tabs have menus allowing you to select the Analog Output Type for the associated output channel, A or B (see also Sections 7.1.1 and 8.1).

For SD sessions, Component or Composite + Y/C Analog Output Type alternatives are available. For HD sessions the menu is locked, since Component is the only valid analog connection option. Selecting the Composite + Y/C option sends composite video output to the second BNC connector in the corresponding output row (labeled Y), and Y/C to the third and fourth connectors, labeled Pb and Pr, respectively.


(Figure 27)


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