Configure Video Input

Let’s continue by configuring the video sources you connected earlier (Section 3.4):

  1. With the Replay Desktop open, roll your mouse into the footer below any input monitor.
  2. Notice that a Configure button (gear icon) appears at right below the input monitor as you do so.

(Figure 29)

  1. Click the Configuration button (gear) for Camera 1 to open a settings panel (Figure 29).
  2. Click the Input Settings tab.
  3. Click the Connection Type menu to reveal a listing of various options.
  4. Select the correct format, such as 720p (Component), or 1080i (SDI), etc., for the video source you plan to connect to this input.

At this point you should be able to view the (configured) sources on their respective monitors. Before closing the Configuration panel, let’s continue to configure the related audio source.


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