Networking (3Play)

Connecting 3Play to a local area network (LAN) may require additional steps beyond those mentioned back when we discussed Microsoft Windows™ activation (Section 3.2). Here is the basic procedure involved in joining a workgroup:

  1. *Connect a suitable cable from the ETHERNET port on 3Play’s backplate to your external network.
  2. (If necessary) – close the Replay Desktop; click the Back arrow to return to the Home Page.
  3. Click Shutdown, then select Exit to Windows at right to access the operating system’s own desktop.
  4. Right-click on the My Computer icon, and select Properties.
  5. Scroll down in the right hand pane of the System panel that opens to find the Computer name, domain and workgroups settings area.
  6. Click the Change Settings link at right.
  7. Click the Computer Name tab of the System Properties panel that opens.
  8. Click the Change button, and enter the name of your local workgroup, as provided by your system administrator.
  9. Close the OK button.
  10. Close the System control panel.
  11. At this point, the network connection should be functional. If further help connecting is required, please consult your system administrator.

Note: 3Play Mini features internal Wifi support, and thus can be used without any need for a physical network connection.


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