Configure Genlock

  1. Click the Genlock/Multiview tab in the Output Configuration panel.
  2. The default Reference Type in the Genlock settings group is SD (Bi-level), as this is currently the most common reference signal type. However, if you supply an HD reference signal to the Genlock input, you may want to change the setting to HD (Trilevel).

(Figure 28)

  1. With the aid of downstream Waveform and Vector Scopes, adjust 3Play’s Horizontal and Vertical Position and Phase settings.

Again, ideally the cameras themselves as well as 3Play should be genlocked. If cameras are not genlocked to the same reference signal as 3Play, a TBC (Time Base Correction) operation is automatically applied. Time base correction may drop or insert frames as necessary to maintain sync, a less desirable approach.

Note: For a deeper explanation of genlocking, please see Section 7.1.3.


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