Configure Audio

The Audio control group in the lower part of the Configuration panel has Input Type and Gain control features for the external audio source in the same input group as the current video input.

(Figure 30)

The upper menu permits you to choose a different audio input to be captured with the video clip for this camera. You can also disable audio for this input using the switch provided.

Input Type options include Mic (with and without phantom power), Line, AES/EBU, and SDI Embedded. After connecting audio sources to the input connectors the first thing to do is select the desired Input and correct Input Type using the drop-down menus:

  • Select Mic for professional grade microphones or other low impedance connections (use the Mic + Phantom option for condenser microphones requiring supplementary power)
  • Choose Line typically for consumer type device connections (such as a CD player, computer audio output or VCR).
  • Select AES/EBU or SDI Embedded to connect a digital audio source.

Note: Analog levels conform to SMPTE RP-155. The maximum input/output level is +24 dBu, nominal input level +4 dBu (-20dBFS), and the sample rate is 48 kHz.

The Gain slider defaults to 0dB on first launch. After adding audio sources, slowly adjust the slider to achieve an appropriate signal level (use the VU meters in the titlebar above the monitor as an aid.)

Tip: Most numeric controls in on the Replay Desktop can be reset to their defaults using Shift + double-click on the control knob.


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