26. Press the (Previous) button on the Control Surface. Nothing happens. This is because you are still in LIVE mode.

27. Press the CLIP LIST Source Delegate button. A bright border is added to the CLIP LIST module, and the background of the Channel Info pane under the (B) monitor changes from green (representing LIVE) to blue (CLIP LIST).

28. Now that the CLIP LIST is delegated to Channel B, press the | (Previous) button again. You’ll see that the view on the current output updates to show the prior event (the row above in the CLIP LIST), and the blue highlight in the CLIP LIST moves to the Memo column of a clip in that event row.

29. Press | (Next) to return to the original event. 30. Let’s try something slightly different. Find (or create, using IN/OUT) a clip that is at least 15 seconds long. Keep an eye on the output monitor as you perform the next steps.

31. Press  (PLAY) to initiate playback, wait just one second– then press | (Previous). Did you notice what happened?  Playback of the current clips was interrupted  The playhead jumped back to the same angle of the previous event row  Playback resumed from the first frame of that prior event Let’s repeat this now, but with one slight change:

32. Perform steps 31 and 32 again, but this wait five seconds or so before pressing the | (Previous) button. This produced a different outcome:  Playback of the current clip was interrupted  The playhead jumped back to the first frame of the current clip  Playback resumed

Tip: Simply tapping the | (Previous) button during play in this manner provides a very useful ‘Let’s see that again’ function.

Keep an eye on the CLIP LIST for this next bit:

33. Press STOP. Try out the left, right and up down arrow keys. The thing to notice here is that the video shown on the corresponding channel’s output monitor updates immediately as you navigate around in the CLIPS LIST (or PLAY LIST, for that matter). Let’s vary the above in one respect:

34. Navigate to a clip, and press PLAY.

35. Now try using the arrow keys to move around in the list.

Tip: If currently delegated source is LIVE, use of the arrow keys normally returns you to either the CLIP LIST or PLAY LIST, whichever you used last. However, if you marked a clip since switching to Live passthrough, control always goes back to the CLIP LIST selection when you use the arrow keys, providing another way to quickly return to the most recent clip.

Notice that the blue selection highlight moves from cell to cell as it did before, but the red ‘play indicator’ remains on the currently row in the Event ID column at left. The clip shown on output does not update as a result of selection operations during playback. This is a deliberate design feature, allowing you to perform commenting and other clip management chores without interrupting playback.

Note: You can even use the keyboard or mouse to edit PLAY LIST entries without interrupting a CLIP LIST angle playback, and vice versa. However, changing source delegates using the CLIP LIST or PLAY LIST buttons on the Control Surface updates the source on output immediately – whether playback was underway at the time or not.



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