19. Push the IN button, which is how you set an In Point for a new event. Note that when you do this, a new event row is added to the CLIP LIST. This new event can be referred to as an ‘incomplete’ event, because it has an In Point but no Out Point.

20. Keep an eye on the In Point column for this incomplete event, and push IN again. Notice that the In Point updates when you do this.

21. Complete the current event in the CLIP LIST by pressing the OUT button on the Control Surface. Note that the event now has both an In Point and an Out Point, and the (calculated) Duration for the event is also now shown.

22. Click the Options menu at left in the Dashboard and slide down to the menu item labeled One Button Marking. This lets you change the default duration value for this handy feature. (The default setting is fine for our current purposes, but we wanted you to see where this useful item is.)

Tip: Below the One Button Marking menu, notice the Out Point Padding setting. The default setting is ‘Infinite’ … possibly just a bit optimistic (unless you have exceptional longevity and a bottomless hard drive), but handy nonetheless when you want playback to continue past the end point of clips you play, rather than stop when the Out Point is reached.



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