Your NewTek Connect Spark™ device uses the NDI|HX™ protocol for audio/video transmission, and more. . Your first step will be to install NDI|HX™ drivers as appropriate for your computer platform or device:

1. Navigate to in your web browser, and follow the relevant directions to download and install NDI|HX drivers for your computer platform.

NOTE: The NDI|HX driver will also install NewTek’s NDI Studio Monitor, which will not only display the output of your Spark unit, but provide easy access to its settings.

2. Optional – for Microsoft Windows® users, downloading and installing the NewTek NDI Tools pack, available at no cost from, will provide a very useful array of practical NDI learning tools and utilities.

NOTE: The End User License Agreement under which you use the NDI|HX driver specifies that “you may use up to five (5), and no more than five, copies on separate machines at one time.”



For more information please download the entire document at\NCSGuide

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