NewTek Connect Spark is very easy to use. In many installations, all you need to do is supply power, connect a video source and your network, and you‘re ready to go. Sometimes, though, you will want to access Spark’s settings – perhaps to configure login credentials, wireless network settings, etc. These settings are made available by means of Spark’s configuration webpage, which you can access from any suitable device (i.e., one with a web browser) on the same network). Note: As web browsers vary widely, you may occasionally find it necessary to delete cached files (sometimes referred to as the browser’s “history”) before the display refreshes to properly show some recent change. This can happen, for example, after a firmware update. Some devices provide direct, easy access to Spark’s configuration webpage. For example, when you select its NDI output as the source for a NewTek TriCaster® input, a convenient “Configure” button is shown. Simply click it to open Spark’s web control page.


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