The second tab in the configuration web page is labeled Administration. Here you will find information and settings related to your Spark device, and its network connection.

The uppermost section of this tab displays the Device Name and NDI Channel Name which determine how your Spark device is identified on your NDI network. These names are editable, allowing you a convenient way to make identify the output of specific Spark units to other NDI-enabled devices and systems connected downstream.

In this section, you will also see the Hardware and Firmware versions of your Spark displayed, along with its unique serial number. Buttons just below allow you to actually update the installed firmware version, to modify the default network password, or to reboot the device (please see the hint re: browser history in Section 1.4).

Hint: Should you set a custom password and then forget it, you can reset the device to factory defaults using the Factory Reset button on Spark’s body. The button is located just right of the Power switch. As it is recessed to prevent accidental operation, insert the end of a paper clip (or other suitable instrument) and press the button for 5 seconds to reset the device (the row of LEDs near the power connector flashes to indicate success).



For more information please download the entire document at\NCSGuide

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