1. Connect the power supply line cord to an A/C power outlet, and insert the round power plug into the DC IN 12V socket located at left on the a/v connection panel (Figure 2-1). Push the power plug into the socket until it is firmly seated.

Hint: Your NDI-PTZ1 supports the Power over Ethernet standard (IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3at). This allows you to skip the step above if your network supplies DC power by this means.

2. Connect one end of a network cable to NDI-PTZ1’s RJ-45 Ethernet port, marked NDI|HX. Connect the other end of the cable to your network switch or router, or a computer's Ethernet port.

At this point, two lights on the front of PTZ1’s base illuminate as the camera performs a self-test. If this does not happen, check your connections and retry. After a few moments, the standby light will go out, leaving only the power light on.

Hint: These front panel lights do dual duty, serving as Tally lights as discussed later.

Your NewTek NDI-PTZ1 is already sending NDI audio and video to your local network. We’ll talk about how to access it soon, but first let’s discuss how to manage configuration settings and options.



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