The NDI concept is simple: You supply a video source – in this case, an NDI stream from your NewTek NDIPTZ1™. At that point, anyone else on that network can see it and work with it just as if it was a locally connected to their system (unless you deliberately limit access).

In this brave new world of IP video, you hardly need to think about capture cards, SDI, HDMI connections, a/v formats, etc. You also enjoy freedom from dependency on distribution amps, video matrix routers, and the like. There are many hundreds of software and hardware systems with native NDI input and output support – both commercial and open source. Now you can supply your video to these without running bulky cables over long distances.

More than simply replacing a cable, though, NDI enables multiple applications to access the same sources at the same time. For example, you might simultaneously send high-quality, low latency video to your video mixer system, while also streaming it and capturing it elsewhere on your network.

For a deeper introduction to the world of NDI, download and install the free NewTek NDI Tools pack from, which includes a Getting Started with NDI guide.


For more information please download the entire document at

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