The camera (including mounting plates) weighs about 2.5 kg. If it is to be installed on the ceiling, please use the supplied UL approved hanger, which is designed to prevent the unit from falling.

NOTE: Please check periodically to ensure the camera is installed securely.

  • Please determine the desired resolution for the camera, and set it using the DIP switches before continuing.

NOTE: The various DIP switch configurations for different output formats are depicted on a sticker on the underside of PTZ1’s pedestal base. Typically, you might choose something like 1080p/59.94, or 1080p/50.

  • Attach the metal plate (A) on the machine base using 4x M3 silver screws.
  • Lock the metal plate B on ceiling mounted hanger

Caution: Please use supplied UL approved mounting plate.

  • Combine the metal plates A and B
    • Push metal plate A up to the ceiling and then to the right to latch the metal plate B;
    • Then secure with 2x M3 silver screws and 1x M3 black screw.



For more information please download the entire document at

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