What is NDI Virtual Input?

If you installed the NDI|HX driver for Windows, you were given the opportunity to install NewTek NDI Virtual Input at the same time. This is a very useful application that allows you to make a designated NDI source available locally as a proxy ‘webcam’.

In turn, this means that you can quickly and flexibly assign NDI sources from your network to supply video to applications like Skype™, Google + Hangouts™, GoToMeeting™, and many more.

Hint: At the time of installation, you will be asked whether you would like to Virtual Input to be launched automatically when you boot the system. In most situations you may want to choose this option.

When running, NDI Virtual Input adds a small icon to the Windows task tray (Figure 5-2).

Configuring (and using) Virtual Input is very easy:

  • Simply right-click the icon to select an NDI source from your network (Virtual Input requires that at least one NDI|HX source must be detected on the network for this to work).
  • The Settings menu item allows you mute or adjust audio levels, or select a Low Bandwidth mode, as you might do to make optimal use of your network when a lower resolution image will suffice.

  • Afterward, you will see an entry named NewTek NDI Video (or Audio) listed along with any other qualified sources available to applications like Skype™, etc.

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Current as of 5/16/19

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