TalkShow VS-4000 Talk Back settings

To enable the Talk Back feature to work with your hardware on the TalkShow VS-4000, please follow these steps.


  1. Ensure that you're using the rear 3.5mm audio jacks for Talk Back, as outlined in the manual. Red/Pink is for your microphone, and green is for your headphone, as shown here:
  2. When you plug it in, the RealTek HD Audio Manager program will auto-launch, asking you to set what device you just plugged in; Set the green port as "headphone" and the pink/red port as "Mic In" as seen in the following photos:

    You can test the audio and video in here if you'd like.

  3. Launch Control Panel in Windows by clicking the Start Icon and typing in "control panel", and navigate to your Sound settings.  Set up the Default Playback device as Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio and the Default Recording device as Microphone Realtek High Definition Audio, as shown here:

  4. Finally, launch TalkShow. If it still doesn't work, ensure that the Talkback device is set correclty within the TalkShow by clicking the gear at the top right (by the globe)

  5. It will open a new window where you can set what your Talk Back audio source is. Choose Microphone (Realtek High Definition Audio).
  6. Also, the Talk Back feature only works when the Talk Back button is blue. You can either click the button and hold it down to enable Talk Back, or press CTRL on your keyboard and click the Talk Back button
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