Create Custom Flash Profiles on SD TriCaster

While NewTek, Inc. includes a wide variety of streaming profiles for TriCaster it is possible to create your own and use them inside TriCaster*. You need to have the latest TriCaster 2.5 patch in order to do this. You may download the latest TriCaster updates by logging into the download page on the registration site.

If you have the latest patch installed go to
Administrator mode, we will first need to initialize the TriCaster video i/o drivers so they are detected by going to Start > Run. In the Open field type in newtekrtme and press OK, a DOS prompt should pop up and run through a few things: leave this open.

Now open up
Flash Media Live Encoder*** (FMLE) by going to Start > All Programs > Adobe > Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3. It is normal to get a couple of errors when you launch the program, just click past them. Here all settings can be customized: bit rate, frame rate, resolution, etc. In order for it to properly use the audio and video from the TriCaster make sure the Device under the Video and Audio sections are set to VT Video Device and VT Audio Device respectively. Also set the Input Size to 720x480 (NTSC) or 768x576 (PAL). From here you may customize the other settings as you please.

After you have finished your profile in FMLE go to
File > Save Profile and navigate to here:

C: > TriCaster > User Data > Default User > StreamProfiles > FlashProfiles

You will then need to go to either the
NTSC or PAL folder and from there into the 4x3 or 16x9 folder and save your profile in here. Your profile must begin with "Flash" (capital "F", lower-case "lash") and may be followed by a brief name or description (you will see our examples listed here wherein we include the preset specifications). If the file is not named correctly then it will not be recognized correctly as a Flash Media profile and will appear as a Pull and Push profile as a Windows Media Encoder profile.

Once you have finished close FMLE and close the DOS prompt window (NewTekRTME) that we launched earlier. Configure your TriCaster to launch with the aspect ratio setting that corresponds to the profile you just made. You should now be able to select and stream through your custom profile under the Record & Stream tab under Live Production.

*Custom profiles are not supported and could potentially cause stability or connectivity issues while running the TriCaster software.  If you experience any problems, please discontinue use of the custom profile and remove it from your system.

***Flash Media Live Encoder 3.0 is installed on the TriCaster, manually upgrading FMLE will cause the TriCaster to lose the ability to stream Flash

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