Standard Edition Streaming to YouTube

Please note this process requires the use of a TriCaster as well as a separate PC or MAC.

Starting within the TriCaster software:

1) Start a session and Click on the Stream Gear.

2) In the web address bar, navigate to

3) On the top left of the window, click on the drop down and select “Create Connection From Current URL”


4) The Connection type will appear, please select RTMP Streaming.


*Here you’ll notice more options appear such as your stream settings and Address, Stream ID. Starting here, you will have to utilize a separate computer.


On your PC or MAC:

5) Head to and login

6) On the top right hand you’ll see a camera icon. Click the camera and then click Go live.


7) At the top of the browser, there will be 3 tabs: Webcam, Streaming (currently in beta at the time of this writing) and Manage. Click the Stream tab.


8) Create a title and fill in all the required fields. Once you've set this all up, click create Stream.


9) This will lead to the Stream Preview Window. Click the crossed out eye icon to show your Stream ID. Write down the Stream URL and Stream Name/Key. 


Now back to the TriCaster since the event is created:

10) Input the Stream URL into the Address input field in the Flash Server section and the Stream Name/Key into the Stream ID field.

11) Click on Okay and exit the Stream browser.  Start the stream by clicking the Stream button in the TriCaster software. The Stream button will turn blue as the counter begins. This signals the stream is being sent to YouTube.


Your stream is now active on Youtube and the Preview icon will light up.  Click Go Live and your stream will be live for your audience.



Secondary Method for Streaming with Events: 

If you are creating events, the steps are similar to those listed above with the exception that you will have an XML file that contains the streaming settings within it. .

Here are the steps to create an event: 

  1. Log into YouTube
  2. Head to the Creator studio, by clicking on your profile in the Top right of the main page.
  3. In the left margin click on Live Streaming and head to Events.
  4. Click on “New Live Event”
  5. input your title, description, tags and start time and make sure to select the type as Custom
  6. "Create Event" 
  7. Select the Reusable Stream Key (this allows you to resuse the same streaming profile for new events.
  8. Once you save your changes, you are now able to scroll down and download your xml file for use in the TriCaster.
  9. Click Import on the TriCaster and select the saved XML file you received from YouTube.
  10. Start the Stream on the TriCaster and this will preview the stream to YouTube. You can then choose to go Live from within YouTube.







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