Streaming Encoder Error: Bitrate, Width, Height

Issue: "Streaming Encoder settings error. May be bitrate, width or height" Error populates when attempting to stream. This issue is mostly seen after an update has been performed. Several components of streaming, such as h.264, is handled by the Integrated GPU. 

Devices Affected: TriCasters running Standard or Advanced Edition software.



1) Install the latest Intel driver by navigating to the following link:

*In most cases, this will resolve the issue following a reboot. If you are still having an issue, then you may need to attempt the following instructions and then attempt to install the Intel update again after: 

2) Ensure the IGPU is Enabled in the BIOS settings

-Reboot the Device

-Tap "F2" repeatedly while unit boots - This will launch the BIOS settings

-Select "Advanced" tab at the top of the screen

-Select "Chipset Configuration"

-Locate "IGPU Mutli-Monitor" and ensure it reflects "Enabled" as reflected in the image below:


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