Create a New Restore Partition

TriCaster software has the option to create a new restore partition, but this should not be standard practice. This function can be helpful when doing system upgrades (like TriCaster 455 to 460) or if changing from Advanced Edition to Standard Edition software and don't want a Restore to roll you back to Standard Edition. 

However, we do need to use caution as once you do this, when you Restore, you won't be rolling back to the safety and reliability of the base image we send out. If you happen to have other installed software or a virus, etc , then this is going to be the default state if you Restore.  

Creating a new restore partition:

With the hardware modified and the software updated, the only thing left to do is to create a new restore partition. This process can take up to 45 minutes.

  • Restart TriCaster.
  • When the Windows Boot Manager comes up use the arrow keys to select “Restore Factory Defaults.” Press Enter.



  • On the following menu, select “Restore System Partition to Factory Defaults” and
    press Enter.


  • From the following options, type “NewTekReimage” as shown in the image below. Note which letters are upper and lowercase, and that there are no spaces. Press Enter.




  • The system will now proceed with the creation of a new Restore Partition.


  • When the Restore Partition has been created you will see this message. Now, power off the system. Do NOT type “Yes.”

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