NDI Camera App; Connectivity guidelines

The NDI™ Camera App, available on both the iTunes and Google Play app store, enables you to use your mobile device as an additional NDI™ connected source, allowing for live video from the devices camera to be broadcast to any NDI™ capable receiver. As it is low-latency and uses the NDI™ libraries for encoding, there are certain requirements needed to ensure the best possible connection.

Make sure your mobile device is on a 5ghz wireless network. Many networks support both 2.4ghz and 5ghz (often called dual band), and many devices are able to freely switch between either band depending on connectivity strength; we recommend that you use this app only on the 5ghz band. That being the case, 5ghz offers a smaller distance-to-power ratio than the 2.4ghz band, so proximity to the WiFi broadcasting device will impact your performance, as will interfering devices such as other routers. If you find that you're getting a poor signal, it would be helpful to go into your router's management and select different channel or frequency within the 5ghz band.

Lastly, NDI™ allows for the option to select a low-bandwidth mode, both on the sender and the receiver. Within the app there's an icon that looks like signal strength; toggling that will enable HI-mode to be on or off. Try turning it off and then enabling low-bandwidth mode on the receiving end, such as NDI™ Studio Monitor or the TriCaster®.

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