NewTek Control Surface Compatibility

This chart clarifies which Control Surfaces are compatible with current TriCaster systems.  This includes TriCaster TC1, TriCaster 410 Plus, VMC1, TriCaster Mini and systems running Advanced Edition 3 software.  

The TriCaster 2 Elite is not included in the chart below, but here are the compatible surfaces:

2 Stripe, 4 stripe, TimeWarp 820 and ArtMix



1) A double checkmark means this is a good combo.  The capabilities of the TriCaster and the control surface match very well.

2) A single checkmark means this combo is compatible, but there might be limitations because the control surface doesn’t allow access to all features of the TriCaster.

3) No checkmark means it is not compatible.


We are also including this chart that relates to slightly older NewTek Products.  Please note that in this example, compatibility applies to systems running Standard Edition, Advanced Edition Version 1 or Legacy software.

Current as of 4/15/2020

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