Dual Channel Replay

In many ways, it would not be incorrect to think of your NewTek 3Play system as not just one, but two conjoined ‘playout’ devices. The system features two fully independent audio/video busses and outputs, referred to as Channel A and Channel B.


Each output channel can function completely independently of the other; either can be directed at any time to transmit any available audio/video source, whether live or recorded. Physically, these two channels are individually supplied to connectors on the system’s backplate for output to downstream devices. These comprise Output 1 (3Play’s Channel A output) and 2 (Channel B). During live production, both are represented on the Replay Desktop by individual output monitors (Figure 90).

Tip: A third, special output is called Aux (for “Auxiliary”), and is carried on Output 3 – more about Aux later.

Section 8.1

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