List Selection Tools

This group contains 6 navigation buttons that variously permit you to change the selection in the CLIPS LIST or PLAY LIST – whichever is delegated at the moment. If LIVE is delegated, the button action is directed to the last list accessed.

Note that changing selection during playback does not update what is shown on output. (This allows you to perform various clip management operations without interrupting your outgoing program streams.)

Tip: The < and > buttons are somewhat similar to the Previous and Next buttons (see Section 8.6), but only affect selection. They never change what is output during playback. Also, they allow navigation into numeric fields (Previous and Next do not).

The two TAB buttons allow you to move forward or back between the different tabbed panes in your CLIP LIST or PLAY List.

Note: See also Section 8.11, ANGLE.

Section 8.8

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