Bookmarks are timecode references that are independent of marked In or Out points you may set for events. This is a very useful feature, enabling you to quickly skip through your recorded video to specific points.

A bookmark is set at the current timecode every time you press the BOOK MARK button (as long as recording is underway).

The maximum number of bookmarks never exceeds ten, so once the limit is reached, pressing BOOK MARK again erases the ‘oldest’ bookmark and sets a new one.

Tip: Bookmarks reference the current (i.e., ‘live’) timecode when they are set. If recording is not underway, pressing the BOOK MARK button has no effect.

Press SHIFT + BOOK MARK to jump the playhead back to the most nearest prior bookmark. Doing so enough times will eventually ‘wrap around’ to the most recently set bookmark, and then work backwards through them again.

Section 8.12

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