Dataview Entries

By this point in the manual, 3Play’s dataview has been mentioned over and over again, in many different contexts:

  • Every character of textual and numeric input to the system, whether punched on the Control Surface or typed on the keyboard, flows through the FastClip dataview.
  • Likewise almost every snippet of legible information – be it an Event or Clip ID, timecode value, Memo entry, or tag – that appears on the Replay Desktop can be easily and quickly directed to the dataview by simply navigating to it using the Control Surface, keyboard or mouse click.

The benefits of this ‘metadata pipeline’ become abundantly clear in connection with 3Play’s Search functions. In a nutshell, searching works as follows:

  1. Post suitable search criteria to the dataview.
  2. Execute an operation using the criteria.

Let’s add some detail about those simple steps. First, let’s consider search criteria – what forms it can take, where it comes from, and how it can be operated on.


Letters, numerals, ‘type-able’ symbols, words or phrases combining the aforementioned, can all serve as search criteria. Timecode, Clip and Event IDs work, too, for certain operations.

Of course, you can go ‘old school’ and just type your criteria into the dataview using the keyboard, but – since simply selecting a cell on the Replay Desktop snaps its value into the dataview (Figure 149), often one need only navigate to (or click) a cell to supply search criteria without any typing at all. Similarly, the TAGS feature lets you quickly populate the dataview with multiple terms perfectly suited to many searches.


Earlier in the chapter (Section 13.2), we detailed various aspects of the TAGS feature, showing how it can quickly be used to build (simple or more) complex Memo entries.

The TAGS feature can also be used to quickly add simple or more elaborate search criteria to the dataview. The workflow for adding tags is identical, the only change being that instead of pressing ENTER (which would post a Memo entry) one presses the SEARCH or GO TO button instead as desired.

Of course, with the TAGS button on the Control Surface off, the Control Surface supports direct numeric entry.

Section 13.4.1

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