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As discussed in Chapter 8 (The Control Surface), the GO TO button has several functions. Pressed alone, GO TO takes an Event ID number as input, and takes you to the matching event row in the CLIP LIST when successful.

It’s not necessary to enter hyphens for many GO TO operations to work correctly. Thus GO TO operations with “0-4” and “04” as input criteria produce identical outcomes. Partial entries can be useful too; recall that entering a single digit and pressing GO TO jumps to the corresponding CLIP LIST tab). Use hyphenated digits with an added number to specify the clip angle (for example, press 2-034-4 followed by the GO TO button jumps to the fourth angle for clip 034 in Clip tab 2).

Pushing SHIFT with GO TO performs a ‘go to timecode’ operation (which, you’ll recall, put 3Play into Delayed playback mode). Timecode entries are properly formatted as (hour, minute, seconds, frames), but – just as hyphens can be omitted for GO TO (Event ID #) operations, so punctuation is optional for timecode entries.

Omit digits thoughtfully for timecode operations, however. GO TO timecode operations parse the search value right to left. The entry 1130 (or 11.30) will be assumed to represent the timecode value 00.00:11:20 (11 seconds, 20 frames), rather than (11 hours, 20 minutes).

Tip: Remember that precise numeric entries can be ‘snapped’ into the dataview (and used for GO TO operations) by simply selecting In/Out Point cells in the CLIP or PLAY LIST.

Section 13.4.3

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