Search Results Tab

The Search Results tab appears at right in the header of the CLIP LIST. Matches from SEARCH operations are listed in this pane.

Items shown in the Results tab can be added to other tabs using copy and paste techniques, as well as (PLAY LIST only) using the ADD TO PLAY LIST button on the Control Surface, or simply by dragging them.

Tip: A red border is drawn around the dataview window when an entry is deemed to be inappropriate for the SEARCH or GO TO operation you choose.

Naturally, you can also select cells in the Search Results tab to snap their values into the dataview, and then use the value for other purposes.

For example: Search Results does not support CUT operations. This would seem to prevent actually moving an item into a new tab (as compared to a copy/paste that results in a duplicate of the event). However, you can successfully move items as follows:

  • Select an Event ID in Search Results to snap it into the dataview.
  • Punch GO TO, which locates the original clip in its own tab.
  • Press CUT, and PASTE the item into another location.

Section 13.4.4

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