Auto Workflow

Using 3Play in a program-preview workflow could scarcely be simpler – or more powerful. Let’s consider an example:

  • Channel B (‘program’) is sending a live camera feed to a downstream stadium display
  • With control delegated to Channel A, you select a replay clip
  • Press the Auto button on the Control Surface

Instantly, the currently selected transition introduces the replay clip from Channel A (‘preview’). Replay playback commences automatically from the clip’s In Point.

  • If LOOP is enabled in the Transport controls, the replay source will continue playing over and over until you interrupt it, perhaps by a TAKE, or another AUTO operation.
  • Otherwise, it might play right past the marked Out Point to the limit established by the Out Point Padding setting (Options menu – see Section 6.4.2), giving you a little leeway to safely transition back to the original source (now on ‘preview’).

Section 14.2.3

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