Channel A and B

Output Configuration (depending on your 3Play model) can have several tabbed panes. The first two are labeled Output A and B, and contain controls discussed momentarily. (The Genlock tab is home to important video timing calibration controls. We’ll review it shortly, as well.)

The video format sent to 3Play’s primary video outputs always matches the session format, which you choose in the Startup screen when first creating the session.

Note: On 3Play’s rear panel, the VIDEO OUT group connectors labeled 1, 2, and 3 (3Play 4800 only) carry channels A, B, and Aux, respectively.

Digital video output in the corresponding format is supplied to the SDI output connectors. Analog connections are also available for simultaneous use for these primary outputs. These provide configurable connection options, as discussed next.


For HD sessions, the only suitable Analog Output Type in popular use is Component. For this reason, Analog Output Type options are not provided for HD sessions.

In this case, the three analog connectors in the VIDEO OUT rows for a given output on the system backplate are always supplied with the (component) Y, Pr and Pb signals. For SD sessions, however, you can choose between Component or Composite + Y/C.

Selecting this option sends a composite video signal to the first analog connector (labeled Y) in the VIDEO OUT rows on the system backplate, and simultaneously sends a Y/C video signal to the two connectors in the same output row labeled Pb and Pr, respectively.

The following table lists the signal types for each connector in the video output section:


The Name field (next to Analog Output Type) is editable, allowing you to assign a custom name to each output. The name you supply will appear in the Channel Info Panel (Section 2.5) in the Desktop monitoring section and Multiview display.


The Audio Volume slider in the Output Configuration panel lets you independently modulate the raw source sound level before passing it to the corresponding audio output.

Note: You’ll recall (from Section 3.5.2) that the audio and video connectors for Channel A are labeled “1” in the output connector groups on 3Play’s backplane, while Channel B connectors are identified by the number “2”.


The Extra Display switch in each of the Output A and B tabs toggles output to another computer type display. (These output connections are referred to as Display ports – see Section 3.5.4.) The associated resolution menu allows you to select the correct setting for this monitor when connected and detected.

Section 7.1.1

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