The Timecode control group menu allows you to select between timecode sources as follows:

3Play 4800


  • None (System Clock)
  • Input 7 (Mic Level)
  • Input 7 (Line Level)


3Play 440

  • None (System Clock)
  • Input 3 (Mic Level)
  • Input 3 (Line Level)
  • 1/8” Mic (Mic Level, Red)
  • 1/8” Line (Line Level, Blue)

Tip: If the LTC source fails, the system automatically reverts to Internal (System Clock) after a moment or two (an error flash message is displayed in the Status Bar – see Section 6.4.1).

Another switch in the Time group allows you to optionally Subtract 12 Hours from the actual timecode. In turn, this permits you to avoid confusion that might arise later when sequencing files based on timecode that ‘wraps around’ past midnight. (Otherwise, for example, a video frame recorded one minute before midnight would be assigned the timecode 23:59:59.00, while frames recorded one minute or more later would have timecode ≥ 01:00:00.00 – seemingly a lower, i.e., earlier, timecode value.)

Note: The 3Play system assumes the external LTC signal matches session frame rate and timecode format. For example, NTSC 29.97 and 59.97 sessions result in drop-frame timecode internally (all others are NDF). Similarly, in a 24fps session LTC is treated as 24fps.

Section 7.4.2

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