Source Delegates

We’ve seen how the active Channel Delegate determines which output channel is controlled, but we’ve yet to choose a specific audio/video source send to the channel (and control). That’s where the Source Delegate comes into play.

Your NewTek 3Play can deliver audio/video output from one of three possible sources:

  • CLIP LIST – the currently selected clip (angle) in the CLIP LIST
  • PLAY LIST – output from the PLAY LIST
  • Live – the live (or Delayed) signal from one of the system inputs

As mentioned, 3Play’s dual channel design means that, at a given time, a/v data from one of the three sources above is always assigned to Channel A, while Channel B could be carrying something else entirely. Changing the source for the currently delegate channel simply requires pushing one of the Source Delegate buttons.

Naturally only one Source Delegate can be active for a given channel at any time. Note that your Source Delegate selection determines not only the source on the delegated channel, but also the source other controls affect – whether LIVE (video from an input), the CLIPS LIST or PLAY LIST.

Tip: Another way to change the Source Delegate is to click the mouse in the CLIP LIST, PLAY LIST. However, if you do this when video is playing on output, the Source Delegate does not update. (This is by design, and allows you to enter comments or perform other management tasks without interrupting play if you wish.)

Section 8.3

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