Enabling LINK does not alter the current Channel Delegate. Rather, the LINK button toggles a special ‘lock-step’ mode.

In broad terms, Link mode causes transport control operations (Play, Stop, etc.) to occur in tandem. Other operations – such as changing clip selections – are not linked.

For example, when A is lit along with LINK on the Control Surface or Replay Desktop:

  • The Replay Desktop displays Channel A’s operational state.
  • Pressing Stop or Play affects playback for CLIP LIST or PLAY LIST sources on both channels simultaneously.
  • Selecting a different clip (or CLIP LIST /PLAY LIST page) affects the delegated channel only (in this example, A).

Tip: The LINK button is behaves like the Caps Lock key on your keyboard, remaining active until you press it again.

Just to repeat it in this context, the Channel Info pane under the currently delegated channel output monitor is normally shaded to what source is assigned to it. When LINK is enabled, both panes are shaded, but a white border (Figure 96) is added to denote the delegated channel.

Section 8.4.1

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