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Naturally, if you have pressed the IN button to create a new event, setting an In Point, you realize that you can complete this operation by pressing the OUT button. In this case you set the event’s Out Point to the current timecode value, and as a natural consequence, establish the Duration for the event.

Tip: If for some reason you choose to end recording when an event is incompletely marked – i.e., OUT was not pressed – an Out Point is supplied automatically.

You can also add new events to the CLIP LIST without ever pressing MARK IN. If no In Point has been set (by pressing IN), pressing the OUT button will:

  • Create a new event.
  • Automatically assign both an In Point and an Out Point to it.

By default, the In Point for this event is set four seconds before the time when you pressed OUT. One button marking thus permits you to easily create a series of events just by pressing the OUT button only when you observe noteworthy occurrences.

Tip: The default duration for these events can be set to a custom value using One Button Marking menu options found in the Options menu (see Section 6.4.2).

Again, just as for the IN button, press SHIFT in conjunction with OUT to update the Out Point for the current CLIP LIST event or PLAY LIST clip, using the timecode from the currently displayed frame.

Section 8.10.2

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