Tag, Go To and Search

The 3Play functions provided by all three buttons in this group are detailed more completely in Chapter 13, TAGS, SEARCH, & More.

Just as a brief introduction, then, when the TAG button is lit, CS number pad input is automatically converted to matching text entries in the cells (and tabs) of the TAGS pane located at the bottom of the Replay Desktop. Otherwise, literal numbers are entered.

The GO TO button has several functions. As follows:

  • Entering an appropriate number and pressing GO TO takes you to the event row with the matching ID number in the CLIP LIST.
  • Selecting a clip in the Search Results tab of the CLIP LIST and pushing GO TO jumps to the tab where that clip is actually located.
  • The first digit for GO TO operations is treated as the tab number (superfluous leading zeros are ignored). This means that if you have 10 or less CLIP LIST tabs, entering a single digit and pressing GO TO jumps to the corresponding CLIP LIST tab.
  • If SHIFT is pressed with GO TO, a ‘go to timecode’ operation is performed.

The SEARCH button performs a search of all CLIP LIST tabs for entries that match the criteria entered, and places the matching events in the Search Results tab.

Section 8.14

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