The Number Pad

Not surprisingly, the number pad allows you to type literal numbers into the dataview window, which may be added to clip Memo fields, used for searching, etc. Less obvious, perhaps, the number pad is also a dream come true for working with 3Play’s TAGS system.

For quickly populating Memo fields for your marked events using tags, or locating clips using tags, ID or timecode values, the number pad will almost certainly become your preferred input mechanism (detailed discussion of all aspects of this matter can be found in in Chapter 13, TAGS, SEARCH, & More).

Also handy to know, in a Program-Preview workflow (Section 14.2), you can select a specific transition (from among the nine currently listed in the Transition Palette, Figure 158) by holding down SHIFT on the Control Surface and pressing a number between 1 and 9 on the number pad.

Section 8.15

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