Macros and Automation

Macro capabilities smooth out your workflow, reducing complex operations to a single button press, and make it easy to produce sophisticated programs.

Macros provide many opportunities for both workflow streamlining and creative applications. (As well, macros can reduce or eliminate embarrassing operator errors.)

Keeping up with the action, having just the right angles on tap with little or no notice, preparing media for highlight reels and post production all calls for near superhuman performance from instant replay operators.

Macros can provide a great deal of help in this context. Record any sequence of events as a macro and play it back with one click. Alternatively, trigger it with a single keystroke or hardware control surface operation.

Macros can do almost anything; preload frequently used media, play clips, modify playback speed, automate complex operations or perform all of this synchronously. The compelling usefulness of macros justifies the prominent Macros menu placement in 3Play’s Dashboard.

Click the Macros button to show a menu (Figure 177) containing a list of ‘Favorite’ macros, along with a Configure Macros item.

Select the latter item to open the Macro Configuration Editor, which is where you can create and manage macros.

Chapter 17

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