System Macros

The largest part of the (resizable) Macro Configuration Editor consists of the Macro List. Initially, this list includes two items - a folder labeled System Commands, and another just beneath it named Session Macros.

The System Commands folder includes commands identical to those actually called by the user interface and Control Surface to operate your 3Play – specifically those commands which have default shortcut keystrokes assigned to them. Expand this entry by clicking the triangle at left to see these items.

Hint: Notice that keystroke shortcuts for macro entries are shown at right. The small stars also appearing at right in Figure 178 identify items selected as ‘favorites’. Starred items are listed in the main Macros menu (Figure 177) for quick access. Clicking a star toggles the status of the macro entry in a given row.

It’s worth noting a few unique aspects of System Commands. First, System Macros are specially safeguarded within the system. Rename, Delete, Clone and Paste features are disabled, nor can you alter the order of entries in the list. Also, be aware that un-checking the enable switch at left for the entire System Macros folder (or individual entries within it) will naturally result in the failure of all related keystroke shortcuts. By design, this does not affect Control Surface operations, however.

Section 17.1

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