Managing Macros

The Macro Configuration panel has management features such as folders, rename, clone, and hotkey assignment, as well as Import and Export (share macros with other 3Play users).


Entries in the lister have a context menu, shown when you rightclick an item. Macros can be recorded, as we’ve seen, of played, renamed, deleted, copied, cloned, or exported.

The folder context menu supports, in addition, Play All, Stop All, Paste, and Import operations. Import and Export are noteworthy features. These can be used to share macros with multiple users and systems, but provide another important opportunity.

A good deal of time can be spent preparing complex macros. It would be a shame for these to be lost through some mishap.

For this reason, we encourage you to use the Export feature to prepare a backup archive of your painstakingly designed macros. (This is quite easy to do, since Export of entire folders is supported, as is multi-selection.)

Section 17.3.2

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