GPI Configuration

For an external GPI device to communicate with a NewTek live production system, it must be manually defined by text entries in the file named gpi_setup.xml. This file can be located in the directory at C:\3Play\Configuration\. The entry for a given GPI control device must contain an IP address and port, password, and custom name, entered as follows:

< device name="name " ip="###.###.###.###" port="##" password=" "/>

At the time of writing, the xml ‘element name’ signified above by the placeholder device should be “jlcooper”, without the quotation marks. The value for the “name” attribute that follows is a custom name of your choosing.

Hint: Normally, connected GPI devices are identified by unique names in this file; otherwise (if GPI devices share a single name) GPI commands are issued to them simultaneously.

The remaining configuration attributes (“ip”, “port” and “password”) are set at the external hardware device (refer to the vendor’s documentation for details); the corresponding values need only be transferred into the XML configuration file. A typical entry might look like this:

<jlcooper name="JLCooper1" ip="" port="23" password="">

Section 17.8.1

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